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Hilden-Brand Energy LLC     Magnet Motor









5-15- 2007


My name is Jack W. Hildenbrand. I am 62 years old. Before I go any further, it would be greatly appreciated and perhaps could be beneficial to our country, if you would read this letter in full.


About 15 years ago I was involved in a work related accident, evolving getting hit in the back of my head by a heavy industrial door. Well it left me intermittently paralyzed for several years and leaving me with severe headaches due to a birth defect call Chiari Malformation of the skull. I also had arthritis in both my knees and both my shoulders. I currently have had my left knee totally replaced. The accident automatically put me into the State Disability Act and I have been unable to obtain a job ever since. The paralyzing effect lasted for years but the headaches and arthritis continues. I can only be on my feet for about three to four hours at a time.


With very little money I decided to install a small machine shop in my garage. I had been working on a magnetic holding device many years ago and I figured it would be a good time to continue working on it, as it would help keep my mind alert and my hand and eye co-ordination in tact. I experimented with the device for several years and have finally got it working the way I wanted.

This device increases the holding power of an electro magnet to four times its original powerand it also provides a way to turn a permanent magnet on/off to any external metal objects.


After experimenting with this new device I realized that it could also be used to generate power as in a motor. I then spent time building a test device to see if this could be used to power an electric motor. The first motor I built was very small but worked exceptionally well. It produced about 1/16 hp and turned around 6000 rpm.


This motor proved to be very efficient, using only about 600 ma at 36 vdc. I even noticed with this motor that when the rpm was loaded down to around 500 rpm that the current did not increase much. The amps did not increase much above 1 amp. Now if you compare this to any current dc motor of comparable size, on motor loading, the amps jumped up to around 20 amps.


I have since built two more motors of much larger size. One producing around 1/8 hp and a full radial motor that also produces around 1/8 hp. These larger motors have the very same characteristics as the small motor. Their current draw is very stable throughout the rpm range.


I have filed four patents at this point on the two different holding devices, the motor, a new more efficient valve and I am currently pursuing a generator patent using the same technology.


I have been working on a valve that totally turns on/off a permanent magnet. This valve uses only around 8 watts of power to operate it. What is interesting about this valve is that no matter how big the permanent magnet is I can turn it on/off with only 8-10 watts. I have built a valve that uses ½" magnets, one using 3/4" magnets, one using 1" magnets, and also one using 2" and 3" magnets. They all use only 8-10 watts of electrical energy to turn them on/off.


The following was done using magnetic iron for the holding piece.


½" magnet will hold 20 lbs, in my valve it will hold 80 lbs using only 8-10 watts of dc.

3/4" magnet will hold 40 lbs, in my valve it will hold 160 lbs using only 8-10 watts of dc.

1" magnet will hold 98 lbs, in my valve it will hold 392 lbs using only 8-10 watts of dc.

2" magnet will hold 200 lbs, in my valve it will hold 800 lbs using only 8-10 watts of dc.

3" magnet will hold 881 lbs, in my valve it will hold 3,524 lbs using only 8-10 watts of dc.


I have built several motors using this valve. Now when using this valve in a motor, due to the histerises and back EMF it takes around 200 to 300 watts to turn the valve on/off. However, no matter how big the magnets are, it still only takes around 200 to 300 watts to operate it.

I currently built a motor using 2" rare earth magnets(N48), that was a two valve motor. I installed a 1,000 watt wind generator on it. The result was that the motor used around 130 watts of power to pull the generator. I then hooked up two(the current and volts were also checked) 100 watt light bulbs to it and they were as bright as they would be connected to the house outlet and this motor was producing more power out than it was using to operate it. As far as I now this would be the first motor to ever produce over 100% efficiency. All I can say for sure is that the bigger the magnet used in the motor it can be operated using the same input power, with much larger output power.


I am currently working on a much bigger motor that uses 2" x 4" permanent magnets that are 5" long(pictured above). This will be a three valve motor. According to my calculations this motor should use only around 350 watts to operate it, my calculation estimate will be that it will produce around 2 to 3 hp. That is equal to around 1,492 to 2,238 watts output. This motor may be used to operate a 2,000 watt wind generator. Some of the power from the generator would be used to operate the motor, the rest would be energy to use for what ever. (YES Self running).


I am currently looking for donations to help build this motor. If anyone wants to donate to the cause, I will certainly remember them if this motor ever becomes successful. I think this motor will be the electric motor of the future. If you would like to donate to this motor.  Please send me an e-mail :   jkcc@ohiohills.com


Please make checks out to:   Hilden-Brand Energy LLC


Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.





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